Volume 2 Call for Papers is open! Final submission date July 31, 2022.


Authors for the Educational Justice Journal must declare the contents of the manuscript have not been submitted elsewhere except for as an abstract for a conference proceeding.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the following Educational Justice Journal Guidelines. 

Submission Fee

Manuscripts are reviewed by a blind peer review process. First, submissions are evaluated based upon the quality of work and relevancy to the Educational Justice Journal. Second, once papers meet the initial criteria, they are then submitted for the peer review process. Authors will be promptly notified if their manuscript has been selected to proceed to the peer review process.

Finally, a small (non-refundable) submission fee of $25 must be paid by the author for peer review. This fee is waived if the author is a subscriber to the Educational Justice Journal.

Inquiries regarding the submission process can be addressed to

Aims & Scope

The Educational Justice Journal is a new publication serving as an advocate for improving equity and equality in which all educators believe in educational justice for all.  Given the achievement gaps in the United States regarding underrepresented and underserved children (minority, low income, English Language Learners, different abilities and gender disparities); educational justice rallies for using education as a vehicle to change the world.

EJJ provides current research for theory and practice promoting educational justice in the areas of:

Preparing Your Manuscript

All manuscripts should conform to the following document format: Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.

Title Page

  1. No abbreviations in the title
  2. Include full names of authors
    1. Provide institutional affiliations
    2. Contact information for author submitting
      • Email addresses
      • Postal address
      • Telephone number
  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Running Title should be no more than 13 words or 40 characters

Main Text

Since manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed; please do not include any identifying information for the main text submission. Include the following information in this format:

  1. Title, abstract (no more than 250 words), key words
  2. Text
  3. References
  4. Tables (include title and footnotes for each)
  5. Figure legends


References should follow the approved formats: APA 7th Edition, MLA, or Chicago.

Tables and Figures

Tables should be numbered consecutively and be placed on a separate page with the legend listed above. Define abbreviations in footnotes.

Use the symbols: *,**,*** for p values.

The table and legends must be clear, concise and comprehensive. Tables should accompany text and should be understandable.

Figures must be clear, concise and comprehensive. If applicable, figures should include definitions for symbols used. Figures should be placed in a separate file with identifying numbers.