The Unleveled Pathway to Teacher Education

The Commonwealth of Virginia has looked in the mirror and acknowledged the grim reality, the lack of teacher diversity in the Commonwealth reflects that of the nation. Historically, African Americans have been excluded from the standardized test-making process. Since African Americans typically have restricted roles in the development of these types of assessments, the expectation […]

Effective Strategies for Discussing Social Unrest within Sport Management Classrooms

The purpose of this article was to explore effective strategies for discussing social unrest within sport management classrooms. The authors explored the intersection of sport and social justice because social inequalities are often replicated in sport. The next area of focus for this article was exploring techniques to address sensitive conversations in the classroom. One […]

Scientific Justice: A Brief Guide to Social Justice in a Science Classroom

This paper seeks to examine the issue of social injustice in the scientific community and calls for measures to bring social justice to classrooms. It is increasingly becoming a popular part of society in the 21st century. So it is no surprise that social justice should also find its way into the science classroom. This […]

The Teachable Moment: COVID 19

COVID 19 has created a national health emergency beyond compare. The impact of this pandemic may not be known for years.  Educational leaders are called to look at procedures that assist families, students, and the community at large in bold new ways. These endeavors are often affected by the lack of clear guidance from the […]

Educational Attainment: Child’s Play is Fundamental

This article discusses children and youth who, due to conditions over which they have little or no control, face odds that lead to disparate educational opportunities.  Such inequity could result in limited prospects later in life.  Perhaps surprisingly, child’s play is a protective factor that should gain more attention in its potential to improve educational […]